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To-day and in the coming days

* replaced washers in bathroom faucet (separate entry on that).
* using paper towels, cleaned up the floor around the faucet.
* turned out to stand in the rain by St. Peter's Catholic Church at 86th and S.E. Foster in Portland in solidarity for the rights of people to attend church in peace. A few weeks ago people were harassed entering and leaving the church by people who hurled insults at them and questioned their living here in the U.S. The churchgoers mainly speak Spanish and come originally from Mexico and there are probably some who came here without government permission. Regardless, no human in the borders of this country should suffer harassment or persecution for exercising their rights. We must stand behind our Constitution as something for all people within our borders and must be gracious and giving enough to everyone here, not just some. How best to spread freedom across the world but by starting at home!

In the coming days:
* visit Chehalis, Washington
* replace half-bath faucet with new faucet
* create cat cards and put in cat box in display case.
* dig out Marvin's Garden and the side walk way and garbage area (leaving only the old dry well).
* move all sand/rocks to staging area.
* remove eyes from porch base at exterior.
* move hose holder.
* add rocks and native plants to Marvin's Garden
* add posts and gate.
* redo pedestal for North rainbarrel.
* finish fence to gate by garbage area.
* edge park strip
* weed and flatten area between the back trees (prep for shed)
* finish back fence
* wash Falcon
* use various materials to loosen rusted bolts to put in new seat belts for Falcon.
* re-charge Falcon battery and attempt to start her up and take her out.
* put in new steps and fix railing to deck
* scrub back room floor
* wash, scrape all windows, inside and out, for back room.
* remove all paneling and ceiling from back room
* remove window from back room (but keep).
* remove all original siding from back room (but keep).
* add electrical outlets around back room.
* add insulation especially for interior walls.
* add dry well on walls
* caulk windows
* paint the back room
* put in floor tile in back room
* ditch back to front
* connect downspout to ditch pipes
* dry well added and buried, completing Marvin's Garden and the Northside drainage.
* remove old dry well.
* add front fence section.
* flatten, slope land from garbage area to sidewalk
* add north side fence.
* finish patio and corner walkway.
* paint trim at patio.
* remove stuff from basement.
* remove tiles from back room and put in new or original siding.
* hire someone to create drive way with curb cuts to the gate, including removal of Byron Hill.
* dig out remaining dirt at south side.
* ditch south side.
* new dry well in back and connect to downspouts and piping in ditch.
* cover ditch and put in walk way at north side.
* finish rock garden
* create tetherball court with retaining wall.
* north side walk way.
* shed.

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