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Budget Looks Good For February

Even though I blew most of my February budget already, I think it will work out.
March we have plans to spend a little more depending on what happens in February, so attempting to hold the line. I think we can as I plan to build mostly sweat equity this month.

Good news: Marisa's dentist overbilled us and then returned the check, as the insurance company paid it! This is money I had not expected. Came in handy for the Chehalis trip.

Just got the two computer additions I need to work better with my new laptop: a 2nd power brick I can just keep at home and a usb keyboard/mouse adapter so I can use the IBM keyboard again. With that purchase I got 3 new Blurays which I would not have otherwise purchased. Do not plan on buying more.

Really, my time is spent mostly watching Star Trek.

Definitely considering dumping Comcrap for video again. Looking at DishTV now but will not allow the dish on the ground, so if they try that I will reject it. Until I am satisfied with DishTV will keep the Comcrap. I am trying to make sure that the taxes and fees the guy on the telephone told me actually will remain just the FCC fee. Comcrap has a regional sports fee of almost $5 a month which is really what is driving the move away from that company.

The other thing I want to find out is: can I get my own DVR and not have to rent.


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