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Took this rare good weather day as a vacation so I could get a headstart on Marvin's Garden.

The initial landsculpting is now 1/6th complete!

When excavating found one side of what appears to be a 4 foot diameter cylindrical oil tank. I encountered first a 2 inch diameter cast iron pipe, then two alumnium pipes, then finally the tank itself.

The tank was de-commissioned right before I bought the house in late 1999. That means they filled it with gravel and tested the soil to find no oil had leaked. However, they left the tank and the piping there.

When I had the landscaping done they left the air intake pipe but I later removed it when removing the soil from the side of the house.

I could leave the tank there but the piping just hits the level of Marvin's Garden. As I unearth the rest of Marvin's Garden I may wish to contract for total tank removal with the piping. The other option is to dig out the piping and cut it off.

I can finally see how the sculpting will work out, although wonder if I will have enough room on Byron's Hill for the rest of the dirt. With 1/6th of it dug to the level of the walkway (or lower), I can see how the change will look and what it will do for the drainage around the house.

As compared to January 31, dug into the oil tank area, then beyond at the proper level. This is starting to become more obvious.

Of course, if I have the tank removed I can fill the area with part of Byron Hill, so that can help make me decide to do it. Also, not having the tank there will make re-doing the foundation much easier. The tank would appear just a little more than the 3 feet margin required for the work, but certainly the piping would be a problem.

While digging out I found two bricks, two larger rocks and a small slate piece with numerous river rocks. Definitely a part of Marvin's Garden will feature rocks and I will be able to use the bricks in the walkways.

With more of Marvin's Garden sculpted and the ornamental grass establishing the border, there is some indication of what is to come, with sunnier plants in the front and shadier plants toward the back with the dry well at center toward the front.

This puts me ahead of schedule. If we have good weather next weekend I should be able to get through 1/3rd of the work. Feb. 25-26 would get me 2/3rds done and March 4-5 would complete the initial landsculpting.

March 11-12 I could dig the dry well to a lower spot, March 18-19 dig the trench for the pipe, March 25-26 connect to the downspout and then begin the actual gardening. April: remove the old dry well and put in the gate and finish the corner fence, plant Marvin's Garden. May: add new front fence elements and create the garbage area and complete the landsculpting of the north side with drainage ditch and retaining wall for tetherball. June: back fence and gates. July: patio and walkway, deck.

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