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* After two months I finally have my company laptop correctly working with all peripherals. I bought a 2nd power brick for home and a ps2 to usb adapter for both mouse and keyboard for work...both paid for by me and both work as I discovered yesterday. This completes the transition to a new laptop which has limited connections to old peripherals such as my 1997 IBM keyboard (which originally was tied with an IBM workstation).
* Two companies have looked at the oil tank. One company needs to go through a process of soil testing that can cost around $500 total but does not get into oil tank removal (which is the prime motivation for this). The other company looked at it late in the day yesterday so don't have an estimate or plan yet. A third company said they would look at it but I have not heard from them besides the initial interest. I have a feeling I will go with the 2nd company even though the guy did not show up when he said he would be here.
* The oil tank is 4 feet in diameter and 8 feet long, which should put it right up against the side of the walkway, so I hope to not lose the newly planted "black grass" lily or undermine the walkway when the tank is removed. If I am lucky when they remove it they can back fill with either part of Byron Hill or can scoop down the top I need removed from Marvin's Garden.
* This weekend looks rainy now. However, there is still some hope I can get out there for part of Saturday and part of Sunday and finish the leveling to the sidewalk and start the next 3 foot column (and open up more of the tank). If I am lucky I will encounter the part of the tank they had opened up previously for the supposed decommisioning already done.
* Went to bed after midnight. I worked late (until around 10 p.m.) to catch up on stuff that had a deadline of to-day! The worst part of the work is over, but have to do more to-day.
* Visited the doctor on Tuesday regarding my sore throat. He didn't see anything. Strangely, now I don't feel sore, even after a late night thing. My best guess: I had been inside the heated house for weeks and that caused the problem. Going to work, to the doctor, to dig outside and to Chehalis, Washington gave me relief from the dry heated air.

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